Our philosophy

"The beauty of the face is an omen of happiness "

Our goal is to protect and extend women and men’s beauty as an asset, with natural resources from Earth.

Touched by the many diverse beauties that can be found all around the world, we have decided to offer you, through Jana Cosmetics, the very best we have discovered in our worldwide search.

Each natural ingredient, chosen carefully is present on our cosmetics with the purpose of meeting all types of problems skin can present after generations.

Each of our formulas is prepared with great care and sharing, something that’s possible to experience through our products quality and our skin.

Is with lots of love that we wish to transmit through our Jana Cosmetics products, all the joy and treasures that can be found in our planet.


Our Commitment

Make your beauty stand out thanks to nature’s force.

Our formulas, prepared with extreme care in dermatological labs, have lots of  concentrate properties and also have the exceptional power of cater your skin with all their benefits

Our Jana Cosmetics product formula is based on 100% natural ingredients, certified completely pure with no paraben. They give immediate energy to your appearance that will last in time.

Our Wish:

The best of nature and Jana Cosmetics, to make the use of our care products a daily spiritual journey and your soul’s strength.

Our Founders

This is the story of the allegiance between purity and luxury, of nature and divinity.

Jana Cosmetics is the marriage result from two strong personalities which union resembles that of earth and skies.
A distant thought as far as enriching. One knew the art, the other had the expertise. Joining one with the other gives a thirst for learning, and for understanding and respecting this world.
After one’s cosmetics field long study and the other the luxury market, our founders gathered together in this life and in this work with the sole purpose of giving a cosmetics line that truly answers to women and men’s needs no matter the reasons.